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With water sources often located miles away from villages, women and children are forced to spend hours finding and transporting water everyday each day, A typical container used for water collection is about 20L when it's completely full. Carrying these heavy water containers over long distances, often three or four times a day, is exhausting and leaves individuals with severe health issues that can cause great damage to their heads, necks and spines. Without clean water, people cannot go to school, work, maintain their health, build, farm and prosper, which eventually locks them in a cycle of poverty.

To help respond to this matter, Suqia uses a roller device, which is a user-friendly rollover bucket that helps transport water in tough rural conditions. By wheeling it along the ground, it can transport up to five times more water than a single bucket.

Up until today, Suqia has distributed 450 rollers to communities in Uganda to help serve more than 5,000 people.

While the roller is not a permanent water solution, it does offer an immediate and appropriate response to the issues surrounding water access. This simple innovative roller gives people an opportunity for improved health, productivity and more time to pursue education, work opportunities and household chores.
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