The award categories are:

  • Innovative Projects Award – Small Projects
  • Innovative Projects Award – Large Projects
  • Innovative Research and Development Award – National Institutions
  • Innovative Research and Development Award – International Institutions
  • Innovative Individual Award – Innovative Youth
  • Innovative Individual Award – Distinguished Researcher
  • Innovative Crisis Solutions Award

You can find the description of each category here

The award is open internationally to all students, companies, research institutions, and innovators who have developed renewable energy powered technologies that can produce clean drinking water in line with the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

For any questions and inquiries, please send us an email to

The award is held every 2 years.


Please refer to the Evaluation Criteria here for further details.

All applications are screened and evaluated by the Application Team. The evaluated applications are then shortlisted based on cumulative score and assessment criteria. The final winners are selected by the Technical Committee and then raised to the Award’s Executive Committee for final endorsement. 

A renewable energy source includes solar, wind, biomass, ocean, gradient salinity and geothermal technologies. It excludes nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage systems.

A crisis refers to any event or situation that is internationally declared as a state of emergency affecting a group, community or whole society, such as natural disasters, or catastrophic events.

A patent is not a requirement for an application.


The deadline to apply for the 4th Cycle has been extended to May 31st, 2024 (Midnight UAE Time)

You may apply by first creating an account and then filling the application form, including the relevant attachments, to submit your application. To create an account please click here

No, the application process is free of charge.

Please see the  General Application Guidelines  before submitting your application

All applications must be submitted in English.

Yes, it is required to be able to submit the application through the online portal. Also it is required for Application Team for statistical purposes and to verify the applicant’s age if applying for the Youth Award Sub Category under the  Innovative Individual Award Category

You can find the description, requirements and targeted applicants for each category on the Categories page. Please apply to the category most appropriate /relevant to your application. The Award’s Application Team may reassign your application to a more appropriate category if necessary.

The online form will remain available for a few days after the deadline. You may apply, but the Application Team reserves the right to deduct points or reject your application completely for tardiness

Please ensure that you have filled in all the required fields and attached all the necessary documents. Please also ensure that the attachments are uploaded in the required file formats and do not exceed the file size limits stated in the application form.

If you are still facing difficulties, please email us at

Upon submission of the complete online form and relevant/necessary attachments, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application. If your application is incomplete or further information is needed, you will receive an email notification with a request to complete your application.

If you have submitted your application but have not received an email confirmation, please email us at

Yes, you may reapply. To increase the strength of your resubmitted application, please demonstrate improvements and developments to the technology or product being submitted for the award.

Previous winners may submit new applications showcasing a different technology or product, but may not resubmit their winning application.


All applicants will receive an email notification of the status of their application.  In the case that you are shortlisted, you will also be contacted by the Application Team.

The winners will be announced in an official ceremony to be held in Dubai. Keep checking our website and social media pages for news regarding the announcement of the winners and the ceremony.

If your application wins, Suqia will arrange travel and accommodation for two persons representing the winning entity and/or the project team for the Innovative Project Award, Innovative Research & Development Award and Innovative Crisis Solutions Award categories.

As for the Innovative Individual Award category, Suqia will arrange travel and accommodations for the winning applicant only. If the winning applicant is under the age of 18, Suqia will arrange travel and accommodations for the winning applicant and one legal guardian.

If your application has been selected as a winning application, the Application Team will contact you with terms, conditions and the details of the cash awards distribution.

Suqia will not claim ownership of any applicant’s technology or process submitted for the award. Suqia may, however, be interested in further developing the technology. This will be initiated in a second stage, after reaching an agreement with the applicant/technology owner.

Suqia will not claim ownership of any applicant’s technology or process submitted for the award and will not infringe on the applicant’s rights in the submission.

If your application has been selected as a winning application, the Application Team will contact you to brief you on the post-award monitoring and reporting plan.