SUQIA | Dr. Mahmoud Shatat

Dr. Mahmoud Shatat (Palestine)

Dr. Mahmoud piloted an affordable, low-cost household solar thermal water desalination system that converts sea water or dirty water into fresh water manufactured from inexpensive plastics, with an average production capacity of 2,500 L/day. The system requires a small amount of thermal energy compared to conventional systems, makes use of a special membrane, and operates at low pressure and relatively low temperatures, all of which make the system suitable for treating highly concentrated salty water. The storage tank is fully insulated with foam material to reduce the heat losses and to keep the system running during the night utilising heat stored from solar energy during the day. Dr. Mahmoud’s goals is to further test and pilot the system in the real environment of the Gaza Strip in Palestine. Dr. Mahmoud is a Team Leader and International Sustainable Energy and Water Specialist for a number of International Agencies such as European Union, USAID, Oxfam, and GIZ (German Technical Governmental Agency) in the field of providing safe drinking water and sustainable solar energy innovations, especially in Gaza, Yemen and Egypt. He is also a member of the Middle East Desalination Research Center (MEDRC)